A community for apartment buildings.

Connect virtually with other tenants


Your Neighbors | Community

  • Get to know your neighbors in a safe virtual environment.
  • Develop and grow meaningful relationships within your building
  • See what your neighbors are offering for sale
  • Got something to sell - Offer to your neighbors first.
  • Start or join private groups within your building
  • Open groups to other buildings in the neighborhood.
  • Complete anonymity if desired
  • Completely free to Join
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Building Ambassadors


  • Schedule  & sell 1-on-1 virtual sessions
  • Schedule & sell Public virtual sessions
  • Set hourly rates (Private/Public sessions)
  • Mentor at your own Schedule
  • Develop & post videos for sale (non-sessions)
  • Develop programs & curriculum for your mentees
  • Build an online community around your mentorship program
  • Service our partners as Verified mentors
  • Host public virtual events for free or sale
  • Immediate access to your money
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Why Use our services?

  • Technology - Code in real-time or pair your mentees up with integrated IDE
  • Music - Show mentees how to create scores with online Music notation software
  • Art - Get your mentees drawing and creating art using available tools
  • Community - Create and manage groups of mentees (from beginners to advanced) via your mentor's dashboard.
  • Real-time - Schedule and provide virtual sessions in real-time.
  • Offline Sessions - Book office space with us, and take your sessions offline in select cities
Why Use our services?

Your Responsibilities

You are skillful and accomplished.
You are experienced.
You can help someone achieve their goals.
We help you develop as an educator
You'll get tools you need to be successful
It is financially rewarding

Your Responsibilities

Need someone to pick up and drop something off for you?

We'll pick it up

Go ahead, be lazy. Whether you want to pick something up or drop something off, we are here.

Beyond this point a whole new community awaits

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